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We re-visited Three Coins at 7410 N Nebraska Ave on 13 March 2011. We last visited Three Coins in July 2010, and before that we visited Three Coins in May 2009. It’s not a very long ride from Tampa Bay Breakfasts Central HQ, but we still have to choose our driving music carefully.

Today’s a real treat, because Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom joined us! She sure is pretty!

While unstrapping the Breakfast Platoon, I noticed this sign. We’re just in the Three Coins parking lot in the northern end of Central Tampa. The Hillsborough River is at least a mile away from us, and Tampa Bay a considerable distance. So why have a sign that says you can’t park your “vessel” here? I wonder what Lee’s Towing would do if someone just dropped a 22-foot Bayliner off the back of a trailer onto the parking lot. It must have happened or they wouldn’t have spent the money on the extra letters for the signs.

If you’re reading this from the Frozen North, I promise I’ll stop rubbing in these nice days we’re having in Florida. These skies, they’re the color of Ivo’s eyeballs. We haven’t had snow in days!

There’s a very wholesome-looking retail establishment across the street. Two things come to mind: Even a run-down liquor store looks good on a bright Sunday morning, and I seem to have a knack for finding breakfasts in areas where I get the chance to take pictures of run-down liquor stores.

These giant coins on the front of the building are really neat. Though I personally wouldn’t leave any money laying out in plain view of that liquor store.

Marek hit the coffee as soon as we found a seat. Boy needs his java in the morning to get moving. I assume all kids drink coffee in the morning.

Marek’s always liked the coffee here, as you can see from almost two years ago. You almost can’t tell if that’s Marek or Ivo, can you? I know I can’t, which is why I have taken to just calling both of them “Bubba.”

The menu is comprehensive. If they had blueberry pancakes I’d be happier, but I went ahead and tried the banana pancakes. Marek, as you can see here, is choosing pancakes and bacon.

Marek does all kinds of big-boy stuff with his old man, but what you don’t see in our weekly breakfast nearly enough is just how much of a momma’s boy he really is.

Which pretty much means that Ivo’s stuck with me this morning. Coffee, Bubba?

Marek took this picture. He actually took about 15 pictures of me making funny faces. He’s like a breakfast paparazzo.

I took this picture, not Marek. You could cut glass with this kid’s eyes.

So we’re sitting here goofin’ and jokin’ and finally, Marek gets hungry and starts crawling all over Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom. That look on her face is “Patient Mom.” She really didn’t want anyone crawling all over her. Come on, Bubba, get down from up there. (See how good that “Bubba” thing works? It’s an all-occasion solution.)

Just in time! Here’s breakfast. Check out how The Hand of Ivo manages to grab a palmfull of my pancake before the plate’s even level on the table.

Now that’s a pancake! We got extra bacon for Marek, which, of course, meant he wasn’t interested in bacon today.

Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom had the French Toast. She said it was the best in a long time. Which just goes to show you that she doesn’t come with us to breakfast enough!

Last week we famously forgot the Ivo Kit. This week we brought it, but forgot the bib. You can’t really see it here, but Ivo’s got a handy napkin tucked into his collar. He looked a little bit like breakfast clergy. And I think he missed the challenge, just a little bit, of not having his stuff.

We had a lot of breakfast. $19 clams isn’t bad at all for three whole meals.

Marek did not pay the bill. He was too busy demolishing that pancake.

You can see here what Ivo did pretty much the whole time, when he wasn’t eating. Flirting with anyone who would give him the time.

Ivo looks like Alfred Hitchcock. Or Man-Man.

Got to give some love to the men’s room sign. They could have stopped at stick-dude slipping on mystery puddle/object, but they also added an anatomically correct sink. Look at the detail on the plumbing underneath. And the facial expression, that’s obviously Munch-inspired.

Great chow this morning. Perfect greasy spoon, mom-n-pop diner. Marek was happy and he got a lollipop at the end. Ivo was happy and flirted with everyone in his line of sight. Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom thought the chow was delectable. And, of course, I’m always happy, just sometimes more than others. Three Coins is one of the best classic diner breakfasts you’ll find in Hillsborough County.

In 2009 we gave Three Coins a 4.5 rating. In 2010 we gave them a 4.5 rating. Let’s just say that the ONLY reason we never gave Three Coins a five-pancake rating was because they didn’t have blueberry pancakes. In hindsight, I think we were just being stingy, so let’s roll out the stars for this one. We’re pleased to upgrade Three Coins to a Tampa Bay Breakfasts Five Pancake rating.


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After breakfast, we went to the Seminole Heights Sunday Market at Hillsborough High School.

Where Marek played all morning in the “Fit Kids” play area.

And Ivo ate grass and dirt. (But don’t tell his mom, she’ll clobber me!)

While Marek and mom were off playing, Ivo and his old man got to just sit in the sun.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Three Coins

  1. Valarie Davenport

    We just went to that liquor store two weekends ago. It is definitely sketchy but has a suprisingly good selection of the hard stuff.

    Three Coins has the best breakfast potatoes. If you havent tried them yet you should try then next time. I dont know what they put it there but boy oh boy are they great.

    I cant believe how big Ivo is and I still havent seen him. You have to bring him by sometime.



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