Tampa Bay Breakfast of the Year for 2012

Ivo, Marek, and I are pleased to announce the 2012 Tampa Bay Breakfast of the year. This prestigious award has been called “The Nobel for Breakfasts” and “Huh? What are you talking about?” by international news sources. Restaurants who win this accolade go on to see a spike of about three new customers in the course of the following year. During a recent telephone interview concerning the Tampa Bay Breakfast of the Year award, Christiane Amanpour stated, “who are you and how did you get this number?”

The competition was rough this year. The Front Porch, Mamas Family Restaurant, Nicko’s, The Hangar, and The Frog Pond were all five-pancake-rated, top notch breakfasts.


The Frog Pond was a real hoot, full of … frogs. But also a great vibe, delicious chow, and a menu-cover-story about how they believe in what they do. We’re suckers for that sort of thing!

The Hangar remains one of our serious favorites. No where else can you have a great breakfast and yell at airplanes. The Hangar is already a Breakfast of the Year winner, so they’re not in consideration for this year’s award.

Mamas Family Restaurant on N. Florida Ave continues to make us happy, with great chow and friendly people. Maybe we’re biased in the way we always get greeted when we walk in the door, but there’s no doubting the goodness you find here.

The Front Porch in Dunnellon survived a car crashing through the front door to become even better than ever (and it’s been there for-ever). We’ve never gone wrong at the Porch.

We always get our Elvis on when we go to Nicko’s. Old-timey great diner chow at a fair price. Nicko’s was our 2011 Breakfast of the Year, so we’re not considering Nicko’s for 2012.

This year’s Tampa Bay Breakfast of the Year is …. Mama’s Family Restaurant on North Florida Avenue. We’ve grown up with Mama’s (this is Marek, believe it or not):

Every year Mama’s provides a fast, friendly, inexpensive, and delicious experience.

Ivo started out here, too.

Ivo gets photo-ops with Vicki, just like Marek. I suspect there’s a lot of kids in Tampa who get these pictures with Vicki.

Vicki retains the championship wrestling belt as the reigning Tampa Bay Breakfasts Favorite Waitress.

Excellent food, outstanding service, great prices, and just an all-around great Southern diner experience. We’re pleased to announce Mamas Family Restaurant as the Tampa Bay Breakfast of the Year for 2012. Go try them out and tell them Marek and Ivo sent you!


See you in 2013 for more breakfast!