2010 Breakfast of the Year

Marek and I would like to announce the highly anticipated, richly coveted 2010 Tampa Bay Breakfast of the Year Award.

The challenge was exceptional this year. Taste of Safety Harbor, Munchs’ Sundries, and The Hangar all scored TBB Five-Pancake ratings.


There were many 4.5-rated breakfasts that sincerely deserve recognition. Some of our other favorites from this year include Samaria Cafe, The Pink Flamingo, The Dome, The Front Porch, Three Coins, Mamas Family Restaurant, DeMilli’s, and The Tin Can Cafe.

Taste was truly exceptional more for the people than for the food, which is saying something since the food was exceptional. We made some real friends at Taste.

Munchs’ was like a visit back in time. The food was incredible, but it was the sundries counter and the pictures of middle-school classes going back 60 years that really bowled us over.

The Hangar was a complete surprise. The food was great, the people were friendly as can be, and we got to have a truly fine breakfast while watching the airplanes come and go.

There’s no doubt about it. You simply can’t beat the winning combination of airplanes and pancakes to decide the winner.

We’re pleased to announce The Hangar as the winner of the Tampa Bay Breakfasts 2010 Breakfast of the Year award.


Thank you to all of our breakfasts this year, and especially to The Hangar, our new friends at Taste, our old friends in Yankeetown, and all of our guest reviewers throughout the year. Especially Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom and Newest Team Member Ivo.

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