Revisit to Nicko’s on North Florida

We first officially visited Nicko’s back in April 2009. It was good. Shake, rattle, and roll good. Elvis, as we know, ate there in 1956. I wonder. Do you wonder? I wonder, was it as good back then as it is today? Let’s find out. Marek, take my hand. We’ll go back in time and have breakfast the way Elvis woulda done.


The women are surely beautiful back in 1956! Maybe when this pretty girl is done at the sock hop, she’ll join us for breakfast!


These new-fangled diner cars sure make a nice place to have a meal. I wonder what this will look like 50 years from now?


No fish in the percolator here. This coffee makes me wanna doo-wop! It’s nice to see that even in 1956, another father and son are having breakfast together. They’re in the Elvis booth, which is our favorite place to sit. Obviously we’re visiting Nicko’s later in the year, just AFTER Elvis visited and they put up the pictures of him.


Everyone knows that Marek’s not going to let the coffee get cold! He drinks coffee like a Mickey Spillane character.


Here comes breakfast! They added whipped cream because Marek was so very cute. And because he’s from the future.


Our guest reviewer had the French Toast. She said hey big daddy, this is some groovy breakfast! It’s just like what grandma used to make!


Marek and I had the old standard, pancakes, eggs, bacon. I’d like to tell you about the flaws, but it’s all just good cookin’. Classic slingin’ hash, you need some more coffee hun, greasy spoon, good chow.


The best part about having breakfast in the Elvis Years is the price. The three of us got hit with a $12 tab. That’s small change for a big experience like this! Marek said, don’t worry daddio, I’ll take it from here.


He knew right where to go and made some friends along the way. Can you believe that all these nice girls came up to him to say how cute he was? He gets that all the time.

Never happens to me.


So we traveled back in time. We had good diner coffee. We had a great breakfast. We paid the bill. We talked about Elvis and how this diner car came from New Jersey in the 40s. Just a great ole time here at Nicko’s.

Let’s go home.


We’re 50 years in the PAST! There’s no cell phone service!

What do we DO?

HOW will we get home?

Oh, panic! Panic!

Professor Marek, can you perform the necessary calculations to bring us back to our own time?


Don’t worry, pops. I’ll get us home. Genius IS in my job description, after all. MMMMmmmmmmm…… POOF!


We’re back. All in a day’s work.

Great food. Great people. Great history. Great coffee. And it’s been great for 50 years — we checked! Go there in 2009 or 1956 and tell ’em Marek and Andy sent ya!

We’re pleased to re-affirm Nicko’s Tampa Bay Breakfast rating of four and a half pancakes.


2 thoughts on “Revisit to Nicko’s on North Florida

  1. Grandma

    this makes me want to watch the Ed Sullivan show…when Elvis first appeared..your grandfather was so upset to think that they would let someone like… “Elvis the Pelvis” on tv…… we were all gathered around the huge tv…with the little screen… Marek is a Genius!

  2. Christine

    The owner told us that when they first got the place, it was so nasty (it had been a 24-hour diner previously) that they didn’t know the mirrors overhead were mirrors. everything had a grimy film… like, because it was open 24-7, it was never cleaned. Oh, and Veronica doesn’t like it how the waitress calls everyone “honey” – i guess she’d prefer a bit more formality… 🙂


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